Monday, November 02, 2009

You noticed me! You really noticed me!

Oh! I didn't see you there at first. I've been so busy "sorting" Halloween candy for the last two days that I've hardly had time to think about this blog, much less it's readership. So you'll understand my surprise when I checked my stats and discovered a rather large and glorious upswing in my page views. Specifically, it went from "none" to "some".

I've had these odd blips before and I know it doesn't lead to lead to sustained, long-term readers but I thought I would throw out this offer anyway: If you come back I can promise you lots of stories about boobs and poop and having babies for gay men. And I'm sure my long time readers (hi Jean!) will vouch for and tell you that I can occasionally be amusing or interesting. I'm like a car wreck where the cars are driven by clowns. You can't look away and you feel a little bad for laughing but come on, it's clowns in a car wreck! There are giant floppy shoes all over the highway.

Ok, I lied. I'm nothing like a clown car wreck. I'm more like a housewife who's trying to avoid her domestic responsibilities. Doesn't that sound fun?

Oh well. It was nice while it lasted.

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Jen said...

Well I never have any idea how many people read my blog because I keep forgetting to have you help me put a counter on mine.

Glad readership is up. Must be all the pregnancy talk. ;)

Stimey said...

It's true! I find Jen absolutely hysterical. You can usually find me in her bushes with some binoculars.

Torina said...

Maybe you posted about this before...but I must have missed it. I am absolutely FASCINATED by surrogacy. What got you started and how many times have you done it?

Sheri said...

LOL....been reading you for a long time....seldom comment though.

Emily said...

You made some analogies that sounds like they would come from Tracey Jordan. I like that. More of those will keep me coming back. (=

Sharon said...

I think you're a freakin' riot. No, really- that wasn't meant to sound sarcastic. Maybe if I used an exclamation point! Riot! Really! You're funny!