Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Baby's first bath

Elle had her first real bath last night. Even though her cord came off a while ago I've still been doing sponge baths. Last night I decided to go for the real thing so I filled the tub up and got in with her. It's how I used to bathe Joseph so it's what I'm the most comfortable with. Elle loved it! I gently supported her head and shoulders and kind of let her float around for a while. She had this happy, awed look on her face the whole time. She never fussed at all, even when I washed her hair. It was so much fun, I could have kept her in there for hours but the water started to get cold and her little legs started shaking so we had to be done. I handed her off to Jesse and turned on the shower so that I could wash my hair quick. Of course that was Elle's cue to start screaming to be fed. She pretty much kept that up all night and I was up at least once an hour to nurse her. She's such a monster.

Joseph is doing good. His cold seems to be getting better. The other day he was eating lunch and out of the blue he said that he made up a joke that he wanted to tell me. Here it is: What is a witch's favorite drink? Apple spider (instead of apple cider). Isn't that clever? He's such a smart little boy.

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Grandma Judy said...

The bath thing is totally awesome. Floating probably reminded her of being in utero. (so does she have an innie or an outie??) She was probably irritated that she wasn't "floating" any more and decided to make you pay for it.... funny how she goes from being perfect little girl to monster...LOL....... tell Joseph that I like his joke...very creative!! Love to all..... Grandma Judy