Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Good point .... or is it?

Gwen pointed out that Charmin wet wipes are a good thing because they help you get clean. As she put it "If you got poop on your hand you wouldn't wipe it with a dry tissue would you?" Good point. Or is it? The problem with that is that I don't do things like prepare food with my butt. I mean, not unless it's a special occasion.


Gwen Mendyk said...

Okay true you do not prepare food with your butt..however what about your forhead people dont touch your forhead its not really used for anything. Much like a butt it is "decorative." Yet I couldnt imagine poop on my forhead. Just because it is hidden behind clothes doesnt make it right. Think of those ladies in the 1800's that had breeding in thier wigs. Just because its the status qou of the day doesnt make it right. And now I will end my endorsment with this...Charmin Wipes for a cheerier posterior :)

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! This is really all about that time I had poop on my forehead, right?