Tuesday, November 22, 2005


Who the hell is Freshy Freshington? Why does everyone seem to know but me?

You know what commercial I hate? The Charmin ones with the bears in the woods. They are not cute, they are gross. The one I hate the most is for the Charmin wet wipes. The announcer says "Tried everything to get clean? Try new Charmin Wipes!"

"Everything"? If you're trying "everything" to get clean after you use the bathroom and it's still not working then there is something wrong. You need to see a doctor.


Anonymous said...

The freshy freshington commercial is for johnsonville brats. "Made with the freshest ingredients." Hey and dont dis the charmin wipes I like being clean myself...if you had poop on your hands would you just rub it off with a dry piece of paper...I think not!

Ben said...

At target, we sell the new Charmin MEGA rolls. Rolls so big they come with special converters to fit onto standard sized dispensers. For the gentleman who poops ALOT.