Monday, November 14, 2005

It's a swing thing

Thank goodness for the baby swing. Elle's snoozing in it right now and it's the first real nap she's taken all day. If I turn the swing off or make too mucn noise or walk by her or breath wrong she wakes up and screams at me. This is not one of her better days. She was in a good mood this morning (see my last post) but all afternoon and evening she's been crabby. Poor kid. It's hard work being a baby.

On another, totally unrelated to anything note, aren't the Weavers on The Amazing Race horrid people? How can you throw trash at someone who moments earlier tried to comfort you and then cry over how hard it is to be you because you're the only people in the race who are really good people? They all suck. Then they have the nerve to mock someone for being a garbage man. Uh, your dad worked at a race car track. Not exactly high society stuff there. Boy, they really rub me the wrong way.

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