Saturday, November 19, 2005

See Jenny. See Jenny's family

Elle is very fussy right now. She's only happy if she's in her swing. She needs to swing for the next few hours. Swing Elle, swing!

Joseph is very grumpy right now. He ate too much popcorn when I took him to see Chicken Little and he just threw up. He also has a headache. He needs to go to bed. Sleep Joseph, sleep!

Jesse is very crabby right now. His stomach is bothering him. He thinks it might be from leftover chinese food gone bad. He needs to stop passing gas around me. Stop Jesse, stop!


Anonymous said...

And how is mommy doing? GGR

Ben said...

Awesome. Now my verification word is 'vegimr'. Which I believe is one of the mor overlooked characters from Lord of the Rings. You might remember him as Boromir and Faramirs vegan brother.

Anonymous said...

All that, and you are still subjected to the Freshy Freshington commercial. Life is just nopt fair.

Anonymous said...

No, it is nopt.