Tuesday, November 29, 2005

What's this "we" crap?

Last night was rough. Elle wanted to nurse all day long yesterday and it continued on into the night. At one point I actually nursed her for 2 hours. I'm not joking of exaggerating. I feel like I got no sleep at all but I'm actually probably sitting at around 2 and a half hours. At one point when she wanted to eat I put the covers over my head and said "I can't feed her anymore! I just can't!" Jesse responded with "Yes we can, we have to." My answer? "What's with this "we" stuff? I think I'm the one who's feeding her. Once you have liquid coming out of your nipples too then we'll start using "we"."

I can't blame him though, he was tired too. Joseph kept getting up and coming into our room. At one point I was nursing Elle (of course) and Joseph came in crying that he needed us. I woke Jesse up and asked him to take Joseph back to bed. Jesse sat up, hugged Joseph, said "Come here Elle, I'll put you over my shoulder" and started trying to burb him. It's funny now but at the time I was annoyed. Never wake Jesse up and ask him to do anything. It's hopeless.

One night Joseph came into our room crying for a glass of water and I couldn't help him because I was ...... take a wild guess what I was doing! Anyway, I woke Jesse up (that in itself took a good two minutes) and asked him to get Joseph some water. Jesse opened up a bottle of water that he had sitting by the bed, took a big drink and then laid back down. Oy vey. Meanwhile Joseph is standing by the bed crying so I had to wake Jesse back up (yes, he fell asleep that fast) to tell him that I didn't wake him up in the middle of the night so that he could have a drink of water. He didn't remember any of it. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

I guess someone must have read Elle that post you had about how you missed nursing. She's just doing her part.

Ben said...

Aw, cut the poor guy some slack. I'm pretty hopeless at doing things when Gwen wakes me up. And I mean, like, four hours after she wakes me up.

Grandma Judy said...

You have my sympathies...but its called parenthood.......enjoy it...the good, the bad, and yes, sometimes the ugly....just remember, you did sign on for this!! Sleep deprivation is never pretty. Hang in there, this too shall pass. Love to all of you..... Grandma Judy

PS. As Jesse's mother, I can say he was always a challenge to roust out of bed.

Anonymous said...

She just likes being held so much that she wants to make it lasr :-)