Wednesday, September 15, 2010

And now I'm dead. Because of germs.

Yesterday I was feeling pretty good about Joseph's no homework situation.  Remember that?  I was all "Yeah bitchez, no homework for us!"  Yesterday I mentally composed some swear word free love thank you notes to his teacher in my head and then I went to pick Joseph up from school.

"Hi Mommy!" he said as he got in the car.  "I have homework today!"

What?  Homework?  As in work you do at home?  What the hell?  I was told there would be no homework!  No homework!  That was the deal!  It's my fault isn't it?  I gloated too soon about the homework situation.  I should have just kept it to myself.  The universe is punishing me for something isn't it? I'm sorry! Please, powerful homework god!  Forgive me!  I don't want to do homework!  OH NOOOOOEEEESSS!

"What kind of homework is it babe?" I cautiously ask.

"During dinner time or some other family time we have to have a discussion about germs.  I have a paper to use to help me moderate it."

Oh my god.  For homework he has to moderate a family discussion about germs.

*dies from wonderfulness overdose*

(Every single time I type try to "homework" I type "homeworkd".  Every single freaking time.  I only bring this up because I'm worried that at some point my poor over worked spell check will be all "We keep telling her that's spelled wrong but she just keeps typing it that way so maybe homeworkd is a word and we just don't know it?" and stop correcting me and if that does happen I just want you to know that I'm not stupid but my one finger is and also my spell check is kind of lazy.)


Barbara said...

Sounds like he has a pretty great teacher this year. More of an immersive approach, and he'll better relate what he's learning to real life.

susan said...

Effing rad. That is all.

Sarah said...

I dreaded homework as a kid and was punished for dodging it at every turn by having a kid that makes homework an epic, 2 hour battle of wills to finish 1 worksheet.
You are so lucky!

Stimey said...

I take it back. Future Problem Girl is still happy. Hooray!

I ADORE that he got to moderate a conversation, like he's Charlie Rose or something. Awesome.

Every single time I try to type Bethesda, I type Bethesday.