Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Yes, I know they sell yogurt in stores

I feel like I'm so busy these days.  This is the last week of summer and it's filled up with doctor appointments, dentist appointments, horseback riding, swimming, babysitting and open houses.  For whatever reason, whenever I'm really busy I feel the need to be even busier.  I have a million things going on this week and somewhere along the way I decided I just wasn't doing enough and I needed to add in cheese making.

Oh, I'm joking.  I'm not making cheese.  Today.

I'm saving that for tomorrow.  Today's project is yogurt.  Yes, homemade yogurt.  It turns out that's a thing you can do.  Yesterday's project was sauerkraut and that's sitting on my kitchen cupboard right now and it's stinking up the whole joint.  Urban homesteading is pretty cool but it does lead to some interesting smells.

That's about all that's new with me other than today at the dentist's office I nearly blinded a woman while trying out the flashlight feature on my new phone.  I would have felt bad but not two minutes before that this same woman was telling me how she didn't buy her kids any school supplies because she figured she already did her part to help out the school by purchasing lottery tickets and everyone knows that the money from lottery tickets goes to schools and those school supply lists are just a big scam by teachers.  You know me.  You know that it was inevitable that sooner or later I was going to seriously injure myself or someone else with that phone.  Aren't you glad that (this time at least) my clumsiness powers were directed towards a deserving target? 

One year ago today my family went on a trip.
Two years ago today Joseph was in the hospital and I got something gross in my mouth.
Five years ago today I had stretch marks.


Ethan, Zach, and Emma's Mom said...

I am flabbergasted. I have no words. Shine on, sistah, shine on.

Anonymous said...

Well, sometimes the universe does just take care of things for us!!

Hope you get the hang of that new phone soon, tho!!

MIL - Judy