Monday, October 25, 2010


I have got a weird, random, out-of-no-where case of baby fever going on.  I think it's because I'm surrounded by people who just had babies or are pregnant or are trying to get pregnant.  I have a tendency to get swept up in what ever excitement is going on around me.  It might also be because Elle is five now and the other day she told me "I'm not your baby any more!"  *die*

Even though Jesse and I had already agreed long ago that we were done with babies I brought up the whole idea to him yesterday.  I presented my reasonable, well thought out arguments to him. "But I waaaaaaaaaant one!"

He considered my points and said "Not in this lifetime crazy-pants."

He stuck with that even when I pouted (which almost always get me what I want!) so I went to the bedroom to cry play Sims3.

So no more babies for me I guess because I have to be a damned grown up and make the responsible choice.  Shoot.

Oh, but here's good news!  When we got back from vacation I had a terrible back ache that left me pretty much unable to move for about four days.  One day I was laying in bed and Elle asked me to get her a drink. I sort of scooted-rolled out of bed and as I did I found my lost gold earring laying on the floor between my bed and the night stand.  I had looked in that exact spot a dozen times already so I guess the earring must have been caught in the bed sheet or something and it had finally worked it's way loose.  Hooray!  I was so happy.

Not happy enough to make up for the fact that my husband is keeping me from achieving triple motherhood but, you know, still happy.

Three years ago today I was massively pregnant in a picture and I talked about having a womb for rent.
Five years ago today I was the boring mother of a newborn.


Stimey said...

Yay! I am so happy for you!!! Not about the mean husband who won't let you procreate, but about the earring. Yay for silver linings! Yay for gold earrings! Yay for back aches and kids who need drinks! Boo for mean husbands!

But seriously, if you need to hear one or two--or 75--reasons why babies are terrible, email me.

Anonymous said...

I feel like everywhere I turn, people are having babies or talking about babies or posting cute photos of babies. It's maddening!!

Sorry that you are denied your third child... But glad that you found an earring! That is good news!

Anonymous said...

Jen, I am so happy that you found your earring. I know that they are very special to you because your Dad gave them to you. I won't make too many comments about the baby thing: just two: (1) the little critters always grow up, no matter how many you have. (2) they are very expensive to grow to adulthood. Jesse probably feels that he wants to give the two he has every opportunity for success in the future. I know it is a tough thing to accept, but the bring spot is that eventually you will be rewarded with grandbabies!!

Your MIL Judy