Tuesday, October 05, 2010

One is the loneliest number

My dad was in the Air Force my entire childhood.  When I was 17 he had to go to Saudi Arabia for a few months.  When he was there be bought me a pair of gold hoop earrings.  I have worn those earrings nearly every day of my life since I got them.

The hoops are nice and small so they don't catch on anything.  They close well so I never worry about them falling out when I shower or sleep.  I never take them out.  In fact, the last time I took them out was the day the twins were born.  I put them right back in as soon as I could that day.

This morning I went to take a shower and I realized the earring was missing from my right ear.  I searched all over the bathroom floor and in the clothes I had been wearing.  Then I searched my bed and the floor of my bedroom.  I looked all over my house and in my car.  I can't find the earring anywhere.

The kicker is that I'm not even sure when I lost it. I have a nervous habit of playing with the earring in my left ear so if it was that one that had fallen out I would have known it right away but since it's the right earring that's missing I have no idea when it fell out.  If it fell out at home I'll probably find it sooner or later but I could have fallen out this weekend while at my cousin's wedding or as I was running around town getting ready for the wedding.  In that case I know I'll never get it back.

I feel just sick about this.  Those earrings were really special to me.  I keep putting my hand up to my ear to play with the earring just out of habit but then I remember the earring is stuck in my dresser drawer just waiting for me to find it's mate. 

I'm so sad.

Three years ago today I remembered being rude.


Lindsay said...

My sympathies. That's very sad.

When I was seventeen, my dad gave me a pair of diamond earrings, and I loved them and felt sooo happy. Then I lost them. I still feel sad and I only had them for a few months. Plus, I think he was PRETTY mad.

Swistle said...

Oh, I hope you find it!! I've had lost earrings appear in odd places (caught in the upholstery of a chair, in the washing machine, in a toy bin, in the cuff of my jeans).

Anonymous said...

Jen, I know you probably have called a few places, but did you call the hall where the reception was held? Also, check the vaccuum cleaner bag... you never know...Do you remember when you last saw it in your ear? Then try to retrace your steps since then. I know I am not much help, but you have my sympathies... gifts from Dads to their daughters are always very special. As a LAST resort, you could take the earring you have to a jeweler and find out if a replacement can be made or found. Love... your MIL