Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Five happens

Once upon a time I had an adorable, round, pumpkin-headed baby.

And then I blinked.  And this happened.
Happy (belated) Birthday my darling girl.  You make my heart smile every day.

One year ago today Joseph wanted a sack lunch.
Four years ago today I got matched for my first surrogacy.
Five years ago today I needed some sleep.


Stimey said...

She is so incredibly beautiful! Happy Birthday to her!

Anonymous said...

What wonderful pictures! Of course I might be just a tad bit prejudiced...being the grandma!!

Seriously, Jen, you have a way with camera lens and you take great pictures!!

Grandma Judy

Emily said...

Note to self: Don't read Jenny's blog at work. It does not look good when you cry at your desk.