Friday, October 20, 2006

Could it be?

Today started off kind of sucky as I got a call from yet another agency saying "You're great, you're perfect, we would love to work with you ...... but". The insurance was the problem again. I was getting a little down about the whole thing.

Then, a suprise. I got a call this afternoon from someone at the very first agency that I applied to. (They were the ones I really wanted to work with.) She said she had a Minnesota couple who wanted to work with a Minnesota surrogate. They were willing to bend the agency rules that surrogates deliver at hospitals that have a level 3 NICU and work with someone who could deliver at hospital that only had a level 2 NICU. Guess who that someone is? Me! Yes! Now it's not 100% for sure yet since they'll have to do the background check next week but I know that won't be a problem. Once I've had all my medical stuff done and met the couple things should be moving forward in the next couple of months. I didn't get any real info about the couple over the phone but the person from the agency said she would email me some details. I haven't gotten her email yet but that's no biggie. We were already "matched" based on our profiles of who we wanted to work with. We will have to meet later on and make the decision to continue or not but I'm not really worried about that not working out.

How awesome is that? The only drawback (and it's pretty tiny) is that I will have to go to an OBGYN and deliver in a hospital about a half hour away. That's nothing, I can deal with that. I am so excited! If this works out (and I really have a good feeling about it) I am taking the 4 of us on a Disney Cruise. Oh man, I'm pumped.!


Ben said...


(P.S. Lupe has developed hairy eyeballs.)

Emily said...

Okay, and by the 4 of us, you mean me, Becky, you and a person of my choice, right?

shyestviolet said...

I will TOTALLY be the person of her choice. only if I get to dress up like snow white.