Monday, October 30, 2006

Utter crap

I got a flyer in the mail today from a group called Defending Moral Values. They wanted to inform me about such things as how same sex marriage is selfish, how abortion causes maternal depression and how telling our children to "tolerate" the homosexual lifestyle will lead to child pornography. It all makes perfect sense to me! Or, not so much.

When I read the thing I was annoyed enough to call them up and demand that they take my name off their mailing list. No phone number. I sent them an email telling them that I find their ideas offense and that I pretty much stood for everything that they're against. My guess is that now I'm on some kind of crazy list and I'm going to be getting more crap like this in the future.

I've told Joseph about what "gay" means. I've explained that when two people love each other what really matters is that they're nice to each other and treat each other well. He seems to understand it and think it's not big deal. Amazingly he has not yet been drawn into the world of child porn.

This group also focuses on how gay marriage is threatening "true" marriage. Uh, how exactly? They don't say. Can someone please explain to me how my marriage is affected AT ALL by any two other consenting adults getting married? If two people find each, fall in love and choose to spend their lives together doesn't that just strenghten the idea of marriage in general? I have yet to see one bit of evidence that John Doe and John Smitth falling in love hurts me (or anyone) at all.

These groups that try to hide their messages of hate under the guise of trying to protect children really bother me. I won't give a flying flip if Joseph would turn out to be gay. And although I hope she never finds herself having to make the choice I can honestly say I wouldn't be angry at Elle if she came to me someday and told me she needed to have an abortion. These are things that I could deal with as a parent. But let me tell you what would make me sick. I would be disgusted to find out that one of my children had ever sent out a flyer like the one I got today. I don't want to raise people like that. Hell, I don't even want to admit that they exsist.

If you agree with me then please shoot an email over to the folks at Defending Moral Values. Let them know that hate is not a value that your family promotes. I would say more but my phone is ringing so I have to go. It's probably those darn child pornographers calling again.


shyestviolet said...

e-mail sent, my dear. I was flipping through lavendar magazine today (aaaahhhh! kiddie porn! kiddie porn! wait... that's not right...), and learned martina navratilova came out in, like, 1981. I never knew that as a child, and quite honestly, I don't think it would have mattered, right? god help us, homophobia is a generational thing (I honestly believe that), and it'll just take time for it to go away. but it can't go away soon enough, right? yikes...

incidentally, try commenting on my blog as an "other" rather than your own user name, and just type in your name and web address... sometimes that's what I have to do for yours.

and so ends shyestviolet's novel of a comment. the end. :)

Anonymous said...

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