Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Picture this

Elle was supposed to have her one year pictures taken yesterday but she was too crabby from all her shots so we rescheduled for today. Today didn't go so good either. Elle was way crabby and wanted nothing to do with the whole thing at first. The photographer and I finally got her to smile and she had taken 8 pictures when Elle fell off the little bench she was sitting on. I grabbed and and caught her but in the process I managed to .... smash .... her face on the leg of the bench. Needless to say she started to cry right away. I can't say I blame her because her lip was gushing blood everywhere. It looks ok now but for a second there I was certain I had split her entire face in half. That was the end of today's picture taking.

Elle's never going to let me take her anywhere again.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunatly for elle this will be one of many