Friday, October 29, 2010

Bad Dancer

Oh.  Hello there roofers working across the street.  I'm sure you're laughing at a joke that you heard earlier and not at the sight of me dancing to Bad Romance.  I ... I sort of forgot that people could see into my giant picture window.  And that there were people out there.  And that I'm the worst dancer in the world.

(I need to crawl in to a hole and never come out.)

One year ago today Joseph hurt my feelings.
Two years ago today my brother and I talked politics.
Three years ago today I was burned out on Halloween.
Four years ago today I was drunk.  I think.


Stimey said...

I am so terribly sorry, but I am also terribly amused.

susan said...

At least you weren't dancing naked. Right?

Ben said...

As to the two years ago thing, it's OK, because the douchebag won. Which is why I have to drive back to St. Cloud on Tuesday to vote.

LibraryGirl62 said...

ALWAYS dance until they laugh-then they will usually join in :) I am the worst dancer ever but I love it so I do it anyway