Thursday, October 20, 2005


Elle, bless her little heart, is turning me into a zombie. She wants to do nothing but nurse all night long. She wakes up, nurses for 20 minutes or so and then sleeps for about half an hour. Then she wakes up and we do it all again, all night long. Throw in a few diaper changes and few gas bubbles and Jesse and I aren't getting a whole lot of sleep right now. During the day Elle sleeps like a baby and goes about 3 hours in between feedings. The little stinker has her days and nights mixed up but I'm not real sure how to fix it.

Joseph has been a challenge in the past few days too. He occasionaly is helpful and good but for most of the time he's taken to totally ignoring everything we tell him. I've found that I can only repeat something calmly about 10 times before my voice starts to get loud and shrill. I hate hearing myself talk to him like that and that leads to me feeling bad because I'm worried I'm not being nice enough to him. I just keep reminding myself that this is hard for him too and he just needs a little time to adjust.

Really though, both my kids are sweet. I just need about 5 more hours of sleep a night to be able to appreciate them fully.


Anonymous said...

It almost sounds like you're a parent or something.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I can relate to that.Tough time to get thru until they learn to sleep when they are suppose to. Hang in there.Gramma