Thursday, October 27, 2005

Hey! That hurts!

Today Elle kept making herself cry because she would grab onto the hair on the back of her head and yank on it. After I would pry her fingers open she would look all dazed and confused for a minute then her hand would go right back up to her head. Poor little thing. I had to laugh.

Finally, we got a decent night's sleep last night. Elle nursed around 11:00 and then didn't wake up again till about 3:30 and then not again until about 7:00. It was awesome. Jesse and I were on cloud 9 this morning. She's turning out to be pretty darn perfect after all.


Anonymous said...

That is cute!! But maybe she was just trying to scratch her head and didn't know how to untangle her fingers!!!
Glad to hear that you are getting more sleep.... waking up once during the night to eat is not so bad.. sometimes I do that, too!!
Love to all of you..Grandma Judy

Anonymous said...

Way to go Elle. It takes time, we all have plenty of that, GGR Love to all