Thursday, October 06, 2005

Fun with painkillers

I woke up about at about 2 AM in a lot of pain this morning. At about 5 I decided to try to go to the bathroom and I could hardly get out of bed. I had to lunge and heave myself into the bathroom and then back to bed when I was done. I was sweating and nauseus from the effort. Jesse stayed home from work today to take me to the doctors office. My regular doctor has the day off so I saw her back-up who I also really like. He poked and prodded at me and determined that I have a UTI and pain resulting from my pelvis widening and stetching to get ready for the baby to be born. He gave me a prescription for antibiotics and massive amounts of pain killers so that I can walk around the house again. Good times.

Joseph came home yesterday and I am so super excited so I want to update about that but right now I really hurt too much. I am going to take some pills and go to bed for now. More later.

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