Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The good with the bad

Ok, I had stuff to say yesterday but I didn't because it made me too crabby. It's allowed, I'm 9 months pregnant. My doctor's appointment did not go as swimmingly as I had hoped it would.

Let's see, first off, the doctor thinks the baby weighs about 7 pounds right now. She asked if I was a big baby and I said no but big babies with big heads ran in my husbands family. We laughed and agreed that's not really the sort of thing you think of when you're dating someone.

She scheduled me for inducement on Tuesday at 7 AM. I may end up actually having to in on Monday night though to get some additional medication to get my cervix ready. In spite of all the pain and contractions I've been having for the past week my cervix is no more dialated than it was so if it still hasn't changed by Monday we'll give it a little extra help.

My blood pressure has gone way up in the last week. My doctor guesses it has something to do with the pain I've been having since everything else (blood, urine and whatnot) seems to be ok. She wants me on bedrest for the next week. Even as she was telling me that she laughed and said she has never seen a stay-at-home-mom actually do bedrest but I'm supposed to just do my best. Mostly I'm just supposed to take it easy and rest as much as I can. That all is what has put me in such a bad mood and I can't even put my finger on why. Maybe it's because it already seems like the last few weeks have just dragged by and I'm just ready for this all to end without any further complications. Sigh. One more week to go.

As for some really good news, we get to pick up my little boy tonght! Hooray! I've missed him so much, I just can't wait to see him at the airport. It makes me a little bit teary just thinking about it.

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