Monday, October 10, 2005

The end is in sight

Yesterday was my baby shower. It was lots of fun and I got a ton of really cute stuff. Let's keep our fingers crossed that this baby is a girl otherwise I'm going to have a lot of returning to do! Anway, lots of cute clothes and other fun baby stuff recieved so all is good.

Tons of contractions today. Sometimes they're as little as 8 minutes apart but then I'll go for an hour or so without one. They must be doing some good though because my doctor said I won't have to go into the hospital tonight to get the medication to open up my cervix. I'm no more dialted than I was but she says my cervix is a lot softer and thinner than it was. She thinks the medication I'll get tomorrow to get ym contractions going will be enough to get my cervix to open up.

After I get to a certain point in dialation my doctor will break my water and then I will be able to get an epidural. I can't get one before that just in case I get to a certain point in labor and just things just stop. Then they would have to send me home. That would suck but it does happen once in a while. I'm thinking good thoughts though and saying that I'm not leaving that hospital without a baby in my arms.

Ack, I'm having a contraction and a hot flash and I have to pee. I'm no longer able to make sense. I'll try to give a quick update before I leave for the hospital tomorrow. Otherwise I'll have Jesse update things after the baby is born. God lord, it's hot in here.

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