Saturday, October 01, 2005

My birth plan

I'm going to the hospital in about 15 minutes to meet with a labor/delivery nurse to get a tour of the birthing facilities and write out a birth plan. My birth plan will mostly include things like "give me lots of pain killers" and "I don't want to feel a lot of pain" and "try to get some of that slimy stuff off the baby before you put it on me".

I seriously thought I was in labor last night. I was having contractions and back pain from hell. It went on for several hours and nothing helped. The contractions slowed down and the back pain went away (kind of) overnight but I'm still feeling .... I don't know, weird I guess.

Joseph update! He called me this afternoon to tell me about the rides he had been on and to ask if I had gotten any new Scooby Doo books. My mom got on the phone and said this morning Joseph got very homesick and asked "Why did you have to take me on this vacation? Why couldn't you have brought Mommy with?" Ok, it's not like I want him to be homesick but I am a little bit relieved that he hasn't forgotten about me. I thought for sure he would be having so much fun with Grandma and Grandpa that he wouldn't ever want to come home and see me again. I guess he was so sad this morning that the only thing Mom and Dad could do to cheer him up was to promise to take him off Disney property and buy him some Scooby Doo books. Crazy kid.

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