Friday, September 30, 2005

Missing Mr Joe

I had three goals for yesterday:
1) Take Joseph and my parents to the airport.
2) To not turn into a blubbering, weepy mess.
3) Return home and gets lots of sleep.

I managed to do 2 of those, guess what ones they were. The day started when we woke Joseph up a little after 4 AM. He was so excited that his whole little body was trembling and he kept saying "This is the day I've been waiting for all my life!" He happily vibrated thoughout the house as we got ready to go. We got in the car and went to my parents house to pick them up. Joseph was on cloud 9.

All was good as we got to the airport and parked. All was good as we walked in. All was a little less good when it came time for my parents and Joseph to check in. I bent down to remind him to always stay where Grandma and Grandpa could see him and to be a good listener. He happily replied that he would and I turned into a giant weeping idiot. Then my mom started crying. Joseph didn't even notice, thank goodness. They checked in and then moved over to the security check point and I was still weeping like a baby. Hugs all around and Joseph gave the baby some "lovin'" (he kind of rubs his face against my belly). Then they went through security and I cried more. Then my mom saw us watching and had Joseph wave to us. He looked so cute and happy and excited and now I'm getting all choked up again just thinking about it. My dad had Joseph wave to us one more time and then we left. Before we walked out of the air port I stopped in a bathroom and started crying again. Then I cried in the car. Then I cried when we stopped to get something to eat. Then I cried at home. Then I slept for several hours.

Joseph called me when their plane landed. He kept telling me they were really in "boring Atlanta". He's a nut.

He also called at night to say hi. I asked him where he was and he said "Disney World!". I sounded like he was having lots of fun. He told me what rides they went on (Small World - he thought that was going to be scary because he saw a commercial for it and it had a tiger on it but really it was a "sweet ride". Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin - He covered his eyes and Grandmpa told him what was happening and then Grandpa also got the high score. TTA - They rode it 3 times! ) My mom said they also did Mickey's Philharmagic several times and that each time Joseph literally screamed with laughter.

It sounds like they're having lots of fun and they'll call again tonight. As for myself I am amazed at how much I miss him. I'm enjoying the break and believe me I'm taking advantage of it but at the same time I'm so lonely for my little boy. Sigh.

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Beany said...

Now I'm crying. But only because I'm not in Disney World. Lucky kid.