Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Breathing a little easier

Joseph got on the bus a few minutes ago and I'm feeling a little bit better. The bus helper is one of the few normal mothers from his Monday night class. It's a relief that someone who knows him will be on the bus with him at least on the way there. Now I just have to worry about the ride home. I am so sure they are going to drop him off at the wrong spot or send him on a bus full of 7th grade holigans or something.

Bah. Now I'm just getting myself worked up again.

By the way, that fundraiser that I mentioned earlier has raised almost $16,000! It's going on until Monday and it's a good cause so please consider sending even a few bucks their way. I promise I won't ask any more.


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Ben said...

Jen- You can change the settings under "Comments" to prevent this kind of crap.