Monday, September 12, 2005

My least favorite commercial

My least favorite commercial is for Dove deodorant. It has this woman in it who says this:
I'm here to take the Dove deodorant 7 day challenge. I'm getting married in September so I'm really going to have to do a lot of shaving!" Then it goes on to show her talking about how soft her underarms have gotten over the 7 days. There's also a part with her at a laundry mat where she "jokes" "I'm so glamerous right now!".

Ok, the problems with this commercial are too many to mention but let me focus on the big one. Why is she going to have to do a lot of shaving with a wedding coming up in September? Did I miss out on some huge pre-wedding shaving ritual when I got married? Or is this girl just that hairy that she has to plan her shaving out in advance? Does this make sense to anyone at all?

Also, what's with the laundry bit? This commercial wastes enough of my damn time without the laundry sub-plot thank you very much.

I see this commerical all the time and it always drives me nuts. I've been meaning it mention it for a long time now but I was too busy to do it before. You see, I'm having a baby in October and I have to do a lot of shaving before then.

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Emma said...

I also have big problems with this commerical.
As sarcastic as that probably sounded, I'm serious. Let's vote to get it off the air.