Thursday, September 22, 2005


I am in so much pain today I just want to cry. My back aches, my torn muscle is screaming and my hips hurt from trying (without much success) to sleep on my side last night. I am so sore.

I just read that eating pineapple can trigger labor. I've got three cans of it in my cupboards right now. I wonder if it works. Not that I really want to have the baby today but I am tired of being so sore. Maybe I'll have to keep it in mind until a little closer to my due date.


Anonymous said...

It is terrible to not be able to find a good side to spleep on,I am not preaageant and have the same problem, ;-) love u

Mom or Dad said...

Hi Mommy,

Why are you having a baby? Well, it's a consequence. I hope you enjoy this letter. Love Joseph

Beany said...

Oh, it's a consequence alright.