Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Too much information

First off, Ben, I got your email.

Next, I had a doctors appointment today. Everything is looking pretty good. My blood pressure is up a little bit but it's low to start with so that's not a big concern. The doctor mentioned that being stressed out or in pain can cause that and I told her that I'm getting very little sleep at night because I'm in so much pain (what with the torn muscle and all). She encouraged me to keep on taking tylenol during the day but gave me something stronger for at night when the pain is the worst. I hope that helps since right now I'm probably getting about 4 hours of sleep a night.

I only gained 1/2 pouind ince my last appointment. Color me suprised. At this stage the baby gains about 1/2 a week and it's been about 2 weeks since I was last weighed. The baby is bigger (she's measuring at 37 weeks now) so much to my suprise I haven't really gained any weight at all.

Now the really personal stuff all about my cervix. If you don't want to hear about my cervix then I suggest you stop reading right now.



For those of you still with me, what are you? Sick? Even I don't want to hear about my cervix. But here goes. I'm not dialated at all but she thinks the mucus plug is gone. When she pressed against my cervix she said right away that she could feel the baby's head right against it. So the baby has dropped down (or "engaged") and that is probably why I hurt so much and why I pee with the force of a fire hose. Anyway, that all looked good and healthy.

So far things are looking good, right on track. I think I'll be feeling a little better if I am able to get more sleep at night too. I can't complain because the baby is active seems healthy. I can do this for a few more weeks I guess.


Becky said...

You know, talking about your cervix doesn't bother me nearly as much as the fact that you said mucus plug.

Anonymous said...

Tell me when I can start reading again.