Monday, September 12, 2005

Halloween costume

My parents fook Joseph shopping for a Halloween costume for his night of Trick or Treating in Disney World. He got what I think might be the cutest costume I have ever seen. It's a pirate from the Pirates of the Carribean ride. It is so flippin' cute I can hardly even stand it. He told me that he wanted to be Woody again this year but I guess my parents bribed him into getting the pirate costume by buying him Scooby Doo books. There is nothing that kid won't do for a Scooby book.

We didn't do much this weekend. Got a couple things done around the house, including getting the bassinette ready. I didn't get my hospital bag packed like I had planned to do but I'll do that while Joseph is at school today. I really need to get on the ball since I'm convinced that this baby is going to be born early.

My torn muscle has been hurting so much lately that I have a hard time sleeping at night. If I lay one way too long it hurts but then when I try to turn it hurts so badly that it can bring tears to my eyes. Having to hobble into the bathroom 3 or 4 times a night to pee is just torture. (I think I'm going to take Beany's advice and try sleeping on the toilet.) I'm wondering if all this could be caused by the baby's head dropping down. I've read that can happen up to 4 weeks before you give birth. Hey! Maybe I'll give birth early and I won't have to go to that birthing class that I've been dreading. Then I would have a good excuse for not knowing how to breath right and the doctor would feel sorry for me and just knock me out until the baby is born. Or potty trained. Ok, she probably won't come that early. Anyone care to make a bet on when the baby will be born?


Anonymous said...

Oct. 26th

Ben said...

I don't gamble.

But now I'll say Oct. 25th.