Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Today is Joseph's first day of school. He's cool as a cucumber but I'm nervous as can be. I don't know why since he did this all last year and he was a whole year younger at the time. He just seems so little! How can I send him off on a bus and expect total strangers to take care of him for 4 hours then return him to me safe and sound? I had a dream his bus crashed last night so that's not helping either. Now I'm worried that some bigger kid will pick on him on the bus or the driver will drop him off at the wrong place or he'll wander off while on the playground at school. Ack. I think I'll just keep him home with me forever. He'll be safer that way. He doesn't really need school anyway does he?


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Weird, You get spam on a blog. Hope Joseph's first day went (is going good). I remember when I sent Brian my neighbor and I followed the bus to school to make sure he got to the right school.

Ben said...

Ah, that site isn't as good as that awesome Adware Remover site I got hepped to.