Monday, September 12, 2005

I said "early" people!

I asked people to guess when the baby would be born. I said I thought it would be early. The baby is due on October 17th. So far the two guesses I have gotten are Oct 25th and Oct 26th. Stop messing with me! It's going to come early! It has to.

It has to.


Mom or Dad said...

Girl-Oct 19th
7 pounds, 2 ounces
21 inches long


Anonymous said...

Girl, October 10th. I'm not guessing weight or length, that's too hard.

Anonymous said...

Im guessing Girl October 20th 6lbs 6oz, 19 inches

Ben said...

Ha, I'll beat you all. I'm changing my vote to Sept. 28th.

P.S. Did you get my e-mail?

Anonymous said...

6 lbs 6oz, 19 inches??? That's not a baby, it's a toy poodle.
I'm thinking this is shaping up to be a Halloween baby. As for the size, how big is a kid that's ready to start pre-school?