Sunday, September 25, 2005

Baby class

So we had our dreaded birthing class this weekend. Much to my suprise it was not so bad. There was no one in the class who was really loud and obnoxious and no one wasted time by asking a bunch of stupid questions. The instructor was really good. She's a labor and delivery nurse at the hospital so she had lots of first hand experiance. She was really informative and had lot of funny stories to help the time pass relativly quickly. I'm not sure I feel like I couldn't have gotten by witout taking the class but it did answer a few questions I had about pain relief options and a few other minor details.

We also went to Mom and Dad's Halloween Planning Party. Good times as always. Joseph was excited to "help" with greeting guests and passing out some gummy candy that he had picked out. He also had a lot of ideas for the haunted house. I had no idea my happy little boy could be dark! "Maybe we could have a head roasting in the fire! Maybe we could have two arms chopping up a head! Maybe I could put my spooky Halloween catalog in the haunted house!" Ok, so the last one was less dark and more cute but you get the picture. As always there was way too much good food and I've been munching on left over cookies all morning.

Starting at the class yesterday my back really started to hurt. By the time we got to Mom and Dad's house I was having moments when I was almost in tears. By the time we left I was feeling sick from the pain. I was also having a few contractions here and there. Jesse was convinced I was in labor and that I would have to go to the hospital. I was certain I wasn't. My logic? I couldn't be in labor because I didn't have my bag packed and I hadn't pre-registered on-line yet. Both will be done today by the way. Makes sense right? Anyway, I laid down on the couch when I got home, drank a bunch of water and took a sleeping pill. I still slept pretty restlessly but as the night went on my back slowly started feeling better.

So no labor for me today and now we're off to buy the last couple things I need to have my bag packed. Then no one will have any reason to give me a hard time anymore.

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