Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Monday Night Class

The dreaded Monday Night Class started up again last night. It seems to be a mixture of some new pretty normal people and some of the same old freaks and weirdos. There were 4 people in the group who would not stop talking no matter what. It got kind of amusing to watch them try to out-talk each other after a while. One would stop to take a breath and the other 3 would jump in and talk for 5 minutes straight. The parent educator kept trying to nicely move things along but I don't think subtlety is going to work with these people. She may have to bring a big stick to the next class to hit people over the head with. I told Jesse that we have to go in thinking htat we're there for Joseph (because he enjoys it) and not to expect to get anything out of it, including the chance to talk. Seriously, we were interrupted about 5 times while introducing ourselves.

My favorite mother from last year is back. Ok, not my favorite but the one who nearly had me bursting a blood vessle every time she talked. She does this thing that just drives me crazy. She thinks everything is "amazing". She describes things that way about 10 times in one sentance. Only here's the thing: She says it wrong. Instead of saying "It was amazing" she says "It was amaze". Every single time she says it like that. I have to bite my tounge not to correct her. I don't know if she's saying "amaze" or "a maze" but either way it's wrong and makes me want to lunge across the table screaming "AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING!" just to get her to say it right. It's strange how something so small can drive you so nuts. It's amaze really.

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Mom or Dad said...

I'll vouch for Jenny here-that is a group of strange people!