Wednesday, September 07, 2005

It's all good

School seemed to go very well for Joseph yesterday. He came hom happy and his teacher wrote that he fit right in with the other kids. We were happy to hear that he played on the playground with the other kids. He said they wanted to play Batman so that's what he played too. A big change from last year when he played alone on the playground because he wanted to play Scooby Doo and no one wanted to play it with him. (That always made me so sad.) I thought he sounded kind of proud of himself for playing with the other kids when he was telling me and Mom about it. It was cute.

His afternoon bus driver and helper seem nice too. To my relief he's taking the tiny bus to and from school. I used to worry about him riding the big bus last year. Too much space for things to happen that the helper can't see. This is better. I worry less this way.

I bought one of those circular knitting-for-dummies things and I love it. I've made two little baby hats so far with yarn left over from a baby blanket I made and I'm almost halfway done with a kid sized one now. It's lots of fun and it goes pretty quick. I can see a house full of hats now that I'm getting less and less mobile.

Why didn't anyone tell me how much work getting off the couch can be when you're big and pregnant? And forget about it if I'm laying down. I flop around like a turtle on it's back until I create enough of a commotion for Jesse to hear me and realize I need help. I'm such a delicate flower you know.

If you want to leave a comment (and I know that you do) you have to enter a code now. It's no biggie but the bizzarness of the spam comments were getting to me. Do I care that Asia leads the world in wireless adoption? Do I even know what that means?


Anonymous said...

Glad school went good.It's always a big worry.Just don't lay or sit down till Jesse is home.

Anonymous said...

Hello!? Where did YOU think all those homeless wirelesses go?

Ben said...

I think I'm going to adopt a wireless from Rwanda.

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