Thursday, December 02, 2010

Most awkward phone calls ever

I get nervous when I talk on the phone to people I don't really know. I try to avoid it as much as possible but sometimes it can't be avoided.  Yesterday I called the mother of one of Joseph's friends to RSVP for a birthday party.  I managed the whole ordeal pretty well until it came time to end the conversation and I slipped into dweeb mode.

"Ok, thanks you!  I mean, thankly!  I mean, thankly you!  I mean thanks to you!  I mean thankful!  Thank!  Thanks you!  Much gratitude is expressed to you!  Ack!"  And then I hung up.

It's not always my fault when phone calls get uncomfortable though.  Here is an actual snippet of a phone conversation that I had (with an attorney!) yesterday:

Me: I'm not looking to try anything, you know, through the backdoor.
Attorney:  Oh, don't worry.  We're not anal like that.
Both: *long awkward pause*

I think we were both trying to decide if it would make it better or worse to acknowledge that we had both sexually harassed each other.  In the end (ba-DUM-bah) we both laughed uncomfortably and then ended the conversation as quickly as possible.

This is why I hold as many conversations as possible via text message.  Although that's not much better since thanks to auto-correct I have now told someone that I would "pee on them" and someone else that they should "get ghetto".  Soon no one is going to talk to me at all.

Two years ago today I wanted someone to call the cops on me.
Five years ago today I was the most boring person alive.


dancing_lemur said...

You crack me up!

Swistle said...

TWO actually-audible laughs on this one.

Stimey said...

Oh, I hate the phone too. It's so terrible, like you say, when you don't know the person well. I don't understand why people can't just put email addresses down for RSVPs. I mean, I get that there are people in the world who prefer talking on the phone to typing, but who are they and what are they thinking?

Tori said...

Hilarious! I've been away from all of my blogs for way too long, but that's what happens when you move cross country, start a new job, and then immediately give birth to your first baby.

I used my incredibly awful sinus infection that was keeping me up all night as an excuse to go back and read through the entire 3 months of archived posts I've missed.

Also, after reading your mother in law's comments on your posts, she sounds eerily similar to my mother in law

Anonymous said...

Wow - that lawyer phone conversation is hilarious.