Wednesday, February 15, 2006


According to my stat counter I got about 20 hits from France yesterday. I checked out the refering link but I couldn't see anything that could have possibly led to my blog. Even stranger, it seemed to be some kind of sports news page. The hell?

On Monday I took Elle to her 4 month check-up. When I got there they said "We tired to call you and tell you the Elle's doctor was out today but we couldn't reach you. Sorry about that, here's a $5 gift certificate for coming in." It's the first time I have ever left a doctors office with a lovely parting gift.

Our phone is not working. When people call it rings once or twice and then cuts off. If someone gets through it often cuts off mid-coversation. Sometimes it just makes a lot of clicks and stuff when we use it. It's not our phone that's doing it, it's something about our service. We're going to have it looked into but in the meantime if you try to call me and cen't get through then try my cell phone. Chances are that my cell phone will not be charged and/or buried at the bottom of Elle's diaper bag but it's still worth a shot.

What's the strangest thing that Joseph has ever said? My vote is for when he told my mom "We only eat casserole in my family. It promotes a healthy colon!"

Here's a picture of Joseph before he had his tigerectomy done.

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Mom or Dad said...

tigerectomy. Pretty cute. And yeah-the whole casserole/healthy colon thing. Who says that?