Monday, July 03, 2006

Happy, happy birthday baby!

My little boy is 6 today! I can't even believe it. I can so clearly remember the day he came to us. He was so tiny I was almost afraid to pick him up. I never could have guessed that that tiny, fragile little baby could turn into the wild, crazy, wonderful and fantastic Mr Joe that we know and love today.

He woke up at about 6 this morning and said "Bingo! It's my birthday!" and then went back to sleep. Later, when he woke up for real and came downstairs he said "I can't believe I'm 6 today. I know I'm older but I don't feel any changes in me!"

Tonight's his big birthday dinner with a bonfire and fireworks to follow. Yesterday Joseph said "And the best part of my birthday is that Uncle Ben will be there. Must .... watch .... doves!" He can't even talk about Ben without saying the doves quote. Let that be a warning to you. Say something to Joseph once and he will forever associate that phrase with you. It will become your catchphrase. You won't be able to be around him without him saying it. He's such a funny, funny boy.

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