Friday, July 21, 2006

Netflix review II

This might be the best Netflix review I have ever seen. Some people really know how to bring the crazy.
"I think the movie is unbelievably real. It was a common practice at the time to carry human waste from one side of the village to the fields, then splash the waste around the corps as fertilizer. Well, maybe that explains why I cannot make myself a fan of "organic food". I think the film's director left out the girls and the women in these back-breaking scenes carefully enough not to upset his viewers, instead, he gave them a beautiful aura for the sake of art. I was 13 and a girl, carrying one bucket of waste with another girl. You'd be damned if you walked in the front and going downhill, you'd be damned if you walked in the back and going uphill. So we always ended up with waste spilled all over us. If the whole village was doing it, you'd be doing it just like the village people - nothing special - except they were so skilled that nothing spill over them. Naturally, I contracted hepatitis A, and multiple episodes of severe gastrointestinal disorders, physically under-developed but gained remarkable inner strength. Most interestingly, the villagers soon found out what my doctor parents could and could not do - it was just like the movie - layers of people circled around my folks with whatever ailments they had. After my father delivered our village Chief's baby boy and stopped his wife's massive bleeding - he gave my parents the permission of not working in the fields but practiced medicine in our hub."
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