Wednesday, July 19, 2006

So annoying

The lady who never stops talking at t-ball practice is an idiot. Yesterday she was blathering on and on about something or other and I was doing my best to tune her out. Out of the corner of my ear (I think that's a valid expression) I heard her say "My friend's kids all had bad colds and she brought them over to my house anyway. Now [her kid who's name I won't use] has a really bad cold too."

Wait, what? Your kid has a bad cold? Is that why his face was all coated in snot when you first got here? And now he's playing catch with my son? Seriously?

Ok, I know it's just a cold and not ebola or something but geez! Why would you do that? If you know your kid is sick then keep them home! You don't bring them to play with a bunch of kids who are right at the age where they are always sticking their fingers in their mouth/nose/whatever.

So guess who spent the whole night stuffed up and grinding his teeth? And guess who has been sniffling and coughing all afternoon? Poor Joseph. Poor Elle too because if Joseph has it it's only a matter of time before she does too. Poor me because if the kids get it, I'll get it. Poor Jesse because he's going to come home to a snotty, crabby group of people. I blame Talky McTalkpants.

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Grandma Judy said...

I know you are a nice person, but you really do need to say something to this motormouth moron....Sick kids belong at home, not out playing sports and infecting others....... That is the last straw...the nerve of her infecting my grandchildren!!

Love to all of you.......Grandma Judy