Saturday, July 01, 2006

My week

The week without Jesse went ok. There was really only one day where I considered leaving Joseph at a gas station and my parents were able to help out on that day. (I think his new allergy medication was making him wild. I stopped giving it to him.) Otherwise it went pretty good.

Today was the first day of what has become Joseph's 4 day birthday celebration. Judy came and took us toy shopping and then out to eat. Joseph got a bunch of toys and a meal of fries and chicken strips. I had a really greasy chimichanga and a bunch of gas. I think he got the better deal there.

If you're not Nick Lachey ignore the rest of this post.

Dear Nick,
"Half the man"? Don't be a puss. You're far too good looking to be that upset over Jessica fricken Simpson. Jessica "Chicken of the sea" Simpson. Do yourelf a favor and grow a pair. And if you can't do that then take some of that divorce settlement money and buy yourself a pair.
That's all for now!
ps. Call me!

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