Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Joseph is awesome

I'm going to tell this story and if you don't know Joseph you might wonder what's so amazing about it. If you know him then you'll understand what a big deal this is.

Last night I was talking to Joseph about different things as I was doing Reiki on him. I asked him what he thought about soccer so far and he had this to say:

"I like it. I like most things but not some things about it."
Me: "What part don't you like?"
Joseph: "I don't like how some of the kids call me 'little boy' and not by my name.
Me: "You know what you could do about that? You could-"
Joseph (cutting me off): I know, I already have a plan. I asked Alicia (his helper) 'Please help me tell those kids to call me Joseph' and she tells them to call me my name."

I was speechless. Here I was all ready to be the wise mom and give him the answer and he went and figured it out all on his own. I'm so proud that he was able to be that assertive. He knew it was bothering him and he found a way to deal with it.

I talked to Alicia about it today and she said there are a couple of boys who keep calling him that but that she keeps reminding them not to. Today she got right in one kid's face and said "You will call him Joseph and you will call her Rachael from now on. Do not call them 'little boy' and 'little girl' any more!" (Theres a little girl who plays soccer who gets picked on a little bit too.) I hope this takes care of it because otherwise I'm about to get in the kid's face myself. And I won't be so nice. This is the same kid who told Joseph "You stink". Little brat needs to change his ways.

But anyway, my big guy is amazing. I'm so proud to see how he's growing and changing. He never would have stood up for himself like that a year ago and he for sure would not have asked for help. What a great kid!


Grandma Judy said...

Yes he is.... the most awesome 6 year old I know..... I am so proud of him!!!! Grandma Judy

Emma said...

This story made me teary. He's so smart.