Wednesday, June 28, 2006

I spoke too soon

Remember how earlier today I said that soccer was going great? I spoke too soon. Today Joseph was being the goalie and he let a goal slip by him. A kid on his team yelled "You stink!" to him. The coach pulled him over right away to give him a talking to. If the kids' mom hadn't shown up just as practice was ending I would have had a few choice words for him too. Luckily Joseph had no idea the kid was even talking to him. He was just really not with it today. Usually he's a running, kicking machine but today he mostly just wanted to grab the ball. And cuddle it. And kiss it. Who knows what goes on in that little head of his.


Anonymous said...

OK, so he was overwhelmed by his love of the game. So what? Even Cy Young was known to flop down on the pitcher's mound sometimes in the middle of a game and try to nurse the baseball. It's called "Passion".

shyestviolet said...

what kind of little kid says "you stink" to people? who DOES that?!

snotty dude needs to quit watching espn with trash-talking dad every night and start watching a little "rudy." I'm just sayin'.