Monday, June 05, 2006


Who ever said motherhood is a thankless job? Yesterday Joseph grabbed a stack of paper and some crayons and sat himself down to work on a project. He scribbled for about 15 minutes and all I heard him say was the occasional mumble of "Oh yeah, she has two eyes, not one." and "This color is good for a shirt." After a while be brought me a "book" that he had made. It had pictures of the two of us together doing various things and he had carfully signed his name at the bottom of each page. He asked me if I could write the title of the book on the cover for him. What was the title? "I love you Mommy". Cripes, I was just a big puddle of happy, melted mommy.

Congratulations to my sweet baby boy on raising $215 for the Relay for Life. He's a monster!

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