Sunday, June 04, 2006

Imagine this

Imagine this: You plan out a dinner for your family. You make a great effort to plan something that everyone will like. You cook the dinner with your own 2 hands and present it to your waiting family. You are greeted with shrieks of "This is gross!" and "I don't eat this yucky stuff!" and "Mommy, why do you cook stuff I hate?". You send the little shrieker to the couch to sit quietly so that you can enjoy your meal. After a while he gets bored and wanders back in to berate you some more for not making chicken nuggets. Repeat the same thing every night and you'll see what it's like to live with Joseph.

Contrast this with Elle who only screamed once at dinner and that was because I wasn't paying close enough attention to her and I hadn't noticed that she had eaten all her tater-tot casserole. By the end of the meal Elle had eaten more of the dinner than Joseph had. She even clapped in between bites.

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Ben said...

Elle freakin' rules.