Thursday, June 08, 2006

Netflix review

Sometimes when I'm considering adding a movie to my Netflix queue I like to read the reviews of other people to see what they have to say about the movie. There are some real gems out there. In honor of all the people who post Netflix reviews I now present to you the best Netflix review I have ever seen. It doesn't matter what movie it's for, just read it and enjoy!
"I haven't seen this anf if, as it now states in small print that it is titled, I will not watch it as I haven't the three other titled films. You should note in - large --- letters when it is subtitled. Please send me the english version of this film. Please put in the film description when the actors will not be speaking Eniglsh as I do not speak French. Also, when talking to your customer service, they stated I had 7 ?? movies in hand? I do not. Please advise which ones you state I have please and see if we can clear this up. Thank you. By the way. I hope you win your suit against Blockbuster"

They wrote another one later too!
"Since you do not reply to anything I write, I am checking other places to get movies!! I have stated many times trhat you do not state clearly, foreign films, I believe 4 of. Also, one of them was empty, another scratched, which was replaced. Now, I have none at all??? I will bet you have many more like me. I guess your getting to big?At this time, paying for 3 movies at a time, I have none in the house???"
This was about a movie named "Touchez Pas au Grisbi". How could they have known it was foreign with a title like that? I love people.


Ben said...

Are you sure she speaks english?

shyestviolet said...

oh... my.. goodnes... laughing too hard. yes, yes, they're evvvvvverywhere.

you have to wonder-- does someone follow him/her around and point out to them that the red light means stop and the green light means go?!