Thursday, June 22, 2006

Teeth news

Joseph had his very first ever succesful dentist appointment yesterday. He had a check-up and cleaning and x-rays all with no problem. I found a dentist that has the magic touch! And it doesn't hurt that he's freakishly hot. Not that I notice that type of thing. Anyway, the whole thing went perfectly and Joseph even said that he had fun. He has not a single cavity or even any damage from the massive teeth grinding that he does at night. Even better news, Dr Hot says that the teeth grinding will probably go away all on it's own once Joseph gets all his molars in and that should be soon now.

Elle is getting another tooth! Thankfuly it's one of the center top ones and I'm sure the other one will follow soon. She's been kind of a bear the past fews days but that's not suprising considering she has 4 teeth that just popped though and 2 more that are probably very close.

In other Joseph news, his soccer practice is kind of hard for me to watch. Not all the kids are as nice as they could be and they aren't real patient with Joseph even though he's doing his best. He doesn't seem bothered by it though. He runs up and down that field like there's no tomorrow. He may only get to kick the ball once when they break into teams but he puts everything he's got into it. The rest of the time he just runs around yelling things like "Yellow team unite!" and "I try my best" and "I never give up!". Can you tell we've given him a pep talk or two. He was super excited yesterday because his team won 3-0 even though when he got the ball he kicked it halfway down the field in the wrong direction before the coach managed to get him turned around.

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Ben said...

Your dentists name is Dr Hot?
Our dentists name is Dr Belmont.