Thursday, June 01, 2006

Our secret obsession

Joseph and I have a secret. It's something I've never shared before. He and I are suckers for the crap that you see commercials for on tv and then order over the phone. We almost never see one of those commercials without one of us saying "I'd like that!"

What does Joseph covet? Blendypens! He talks about them all the time. "And Mommy, did you know that the Blendypens come with a carrying case that is also a belt so that you can color wherever you go?"

What do I covet? The Kaboom NeverScrub Refillable Self-Cleaning Toilet Kit.

I sometimes think I might cave in and order one or the other but I'm afraid that if I do I will lose all self control and order everything I see on tv. I'll become one of those people who watches infomercials not because they are funny but because I find them to be a great way to keep up with what'snew in the field of overpriced junk. I'll watch the Home Shopping Network and start ordering applique vests from Susanne Sommers. (I think I spelled about 10 words wrong in that last sentance.) I don't want to be one of those people so instead I'll quietly covet and hope someone else buys Joseph and I what we want.

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Tori Evans said...

Just found your blog through futuregirl's blog. We both won glue! My mom has become one of "those people". She bought my husband and I EACH one of those stupid snuggies (you know, it's basically a bathrobe that you wear backwards). I groaned aloud when she told me she actually bought those stupid things. THEN she even had the nerve to say "and it comes with a booklight!" ugh