Friday, June 02, 2006

Hot or Not? The Random Edition

Let's proceed shall we?

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There's nothing much to say about the girl in this picture but how strange is the family posed in the pictures she's pointing to? Did the photographer say "Now act like someone put you in a glass jar and shook you up"?

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"But Grandpa we don't want to be in the picture!" "Quiet kids! Don't you want grandpa to get a good rating on Hot or Not!"

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Is this really the best picture you have of yourself? Really?

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Dude, how much popcorn does this guy have? I totally want to watch movies at his house!

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"...... to get through the wrapper on this Tootsie Pop?"


Ben said...

Did you get your precious Pharoah disk? Did you?

Jen said...

My preeeeciooooous......