Monday, June 26, 2006

Tummy troubles

No update this weekend because Joseph and I both had some kind of stomach bug. Mine resulted in me not eating for about 48 hours and having my back sieze up completly and Joseph's resulted in him throwing up all over our bed and having some of the worst gas man has ever known. We're both better now and it looks like Elle and Jesse managed to avoid catching whatever it was that we had.

On Friday I took the kids to the zoo and Judy joined us for part of the day. It was fun right up until the point where a fire alarm went off and they evacuated the whole zoo. I wonder what happened there.

Starting today Joseph will have a "helper" at soccer. There's a program here where kids with special needs can have someone help them with sports (and other types of activites) to kind of help keep them on track. I told Joseph that he's going to have an extra coach and he's all for it. He's excited because (as he says) she'll help him do his best. What a sweetie.

Joseph, Elle and I will beon our own this week. Jesse's going to be gone all week for work. This should be interesting to see how we all handle it. Pray for Mojo.


Grandma Judy said...

You got my prayers for Mojo. Just remember, one thing at a time. You'll do fine. Take care of yourself and kids first, the rest of what needs to be done, can wait!! Love to all of you...Grandma Judy

Anonymous said...

I think my little ones have what you had. But when they're feeling better, we can get together to keep them busy if you want to. Not Thursday though, we're going to ValleyFair.

Ben said...

Check my blog.
Are you happy now?
Are you????

Emily said...

I almost cried with the do his best comment... what a sweetie is right. you have the best kids!h