Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A household tip

Here's a great tip for you! If your dishwasher drain filter gets clogged with food do not use the vaccum cleaner to clean out the soggy food and undrained water. If you do, your vaccum cleaner will stop working and your wife will get very irritated at you and wonder why in the heck you wouldn't just scoop the stuff out with a paper towel or something. I mean seriously. Why would you do that?

So keep your fingers crossed that our expensive vaccum cleaner will start to work again once all the pieces have dried out. Urgh.

In happier news, I got an awesome food processor and a KitchAid mixer for Christmas. I would like to cook with them but I can't right now because there are vaccum cleaner pieces drying all over my countertop.


Ben said...


No, seriously????

Judy, Jesse's Mom said...

Jen, Use a hair dryer to dry out the pieces, you will have better luck of them working again. I need to talk with my son regarding a "shop vac" versus a home vacuum cleaner. Sheesh.... I thought I taught him better!!
Sorry, I messed up in his education... Jesse's Mom