Wednesday, December 13, 2006


You will never be able to prove to me that it doesn't matter to babies if they are bottle fed or breastfed. Not after what happened to me this morning.

Elle was sitting on the bed with me as I was getting dressed. Before I had a chance to put my top on Elle came flying over to me with her eyes as big as dinner plates. She pointed at my chest and said "Na na!". Then she rested her head on my chest and softly, softly patted me as she made little yummy noises like she did when she used to nurse. When she finally pulled back she had a HUGE smile on her face and she kept saying "na na" over and over. For the next 5 minutes or so she kept resting her head on me and then burying her head in my chest and sniffing me.

I was really suprised that she reacted like that. She's been weaned for a little while so I didn't expect her to remember the word "na na" at all. I certainly didn't expect her to have a reaction like that to seeing me topless. I guess she has good memories of nursing. I have to admit that this makes me very happy. I hope that even though she's not nursing any more she'll still see me as who she can go to for comfort and protection and love.

So now I'll never believe that bottle feeding is as good as nursing. Not after that.

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